Your Food.

So much of your suc­cess depends on what you eat. With Eat­wiseRx you get
a per­sonal nutri­tion expert. They come to your home, and together you’ll design
a dia­betes meal plan that makes sense, for you.

Meet your expert.

Your Plan.

With your Eat­wiseRx Dia­betes Diet Expert, you will develop a cus­tomized meal plan. It includes the food you want to eat and fits your lifestyle. We give you the tools you need: sched­ules, shop­ping lists, what to do when eat­ing out, and more!

 Develop your plan!

Your Suc­cess.

Con­trol­ling your dia­betes is an ongo­ing part of your life, and Eat­wiseRx is with you for the long haul. We’ll keep you up-to-date with diet & dia­betes edu­ca­tion and tips. You’ll feel more in con­trol, and that’s feel­ing good!

 Eat Healthy. Eat Happy.