Say, “Good­bye diet­ing.” 
 teaches you how to live with and con­trol your dia­betes.
It makes sense, for you.

Your Eat­wiseRx pro­gram is nutrition-based and cus­tom designed to fit your lifestyle. You get the exper­tise of a cre­den­tialed dieti­cian in the con­ve­nience and pri­vacy of your own home. And in most cases Eat­wiseRx is free.
Your Eat­wiseRx Dia­betes Diet Expert will visit you about three times dur­ing your first year, with each visit last­ing about an hour. It’s a time for you to forge a rela­tion­ship, ask ques­tions and lay the ground­work for the details of your dia­betes man­age­ment plan. As a patient with the Eat­wiseRx program:

• You and your Diet Expert will talk about your dia­betes, your eat­ing habits and your vision of what being healthy means for you

• You will learn what to eat while liv­ing with dia­betes; which foods are best or bet­ter eaten in mod­er­a­tion; problem-solving tips for how to eat when trav­el­ing, when eat­ing in a restau­rant or what do to when you’re sick.

• You will dis­cuss what’s work­ing, what needs adjust­ment and you’ll get advice on next steps to help you succeed

Your Eat­wiseRx Dia­betes Diet Expert is a key part of your health­care team and your go-to advi­sor for all ques­tions about diet and dia­betes. You can lean on Eat­wiseRx to pro­vide sup­port for your suc­cess dur­ing at home vis­its, via email or on the phone — what­ever is best for you!

Con­trol your dia­betes today, tomor­row and for the rest of your life.
Eat­wiseRx is the pro­gram that’s with you for the long term.
Eat Healthy. Eat Happy.