Our pro­gram keeps you moti­vated– that’s the key to Eat­wiseRx. You learn to make healthy food
deci­sions, shop smarter, and feel more in con­trol. Today, tomor­row, and for the rest of your life.

Guided by our nutri­tion experts, you’re for­ti­fied with nutri­tional knowl­edge– food groups for PWDs (peo­ple with dia­betes), how to read and ana­lyze food labels, and the truth about sugar and carbs. You work your way through attain­able steps for suc­cess– you learn how to choose foods, how to pre­pare them and how to enjoy eat­ing healthy so that you’re eat­ing happy. You work with us in your kitchen and you receive tools for a sus­tain­able plan– shop­ping lists, recipes and blood sugar level tar­gets. Our solu­tion for healthy liv­ing with dia­betes isn’t some fad diet, it’s a way of being.

You’ll meet with your own nutri­tion expert through­out the first year. After­ward, you’ll have the oppor­tu­nity to check-in, see how things are going and make any adjust­ments to your healthy
eat­ing plan. Your advi­sor is also avail­able by phone or email when she or he is not work­ing with you in your kitchen.

Our cre­den­tialed ser­vice is part of your over­all health­care. Nutri­tion plan­ning is so vitally
impor­tant, the Eat­wiseRx solu­tion is 100% cov­ered by Medicare and other insur­ers. Don’t wait for a new year…

Get started on your healthy eat­ing lifestyle today!