Man­ag­ing your dia­betes is not about com­mit­ting to a rigid diet. It’s about adding a long-term plan to the life you’ve already cre­ated. It’s about eat­ing the foods you love to eat, but being smart about how you do it. Our solu­tion isn’t some fad diet with claims too good to be true. Instead, we offer you a per­sonal nutri­tion expert–a licensed dia­betes educator–who helps you learn how to eat the foods you like (in and out of the home) to empower you to feel bet­ter while liv­ing with diabetes.

You get per­sonal care that begins with a per­son­al­ized nutri­tion plan.

When you call the toll-free num­ber, we con­nect you with your own per­sonal nutri­tion expert. There’s no need to sched­ule a doctor’s visit, your Eat­wiseRx Dia­betes Diet Expert will come to your home through­out the first year and develop a dia­betes nutri­tion plan that works for you. It’s your plan–we’re here to sup­port you.

Our cre­den­tialed dia­betes nutri­tion edu­ca­tors are an inte­gral part of your health­care team, that’s why our pro­gram is the only one rec­og­nized and cov­ered by Medicare. Our team of experts lis­ten to your needs and care about find­ing a way for you to eat healthy and happy–we’re ded­i­cated to your success.

So pick up the phone, and start Devel­op­ing Your Plan today.