Eat­wiseRx is the proven way to man­age dia­betes: Your own per­sonal
dia­betes diet expert comes to your home; they design plans based on foods you like to eat; and it’s all cov­ered by insurance.

Food: the Chal­lenge & Solution

It seems sim­ple: 90% of  dia­betes care is related to diet and lifestyle. Prob­lem is: most peo­ple find that man­ag­ing what they eat can be frus­trat­ing. At Eat­wiseRx we real­ized there had to be a bet­ter way, so we cre­ated a pro­gram that makes sense. Expert advice to help you tackle diet and dia­betes head on right where it all comes together: in the home.

The Eat­wiseRx Promise

With Eat­wiseRx you’ll eat smart, eat healthy and eat the kinds of food you like. The key to the Eat­wiseRx pro­gram is the per­sonal nutri­tion expert who comes to you: your Dia­betes Diet Expert. They’ll lis­ten care­fully to under­stand you and your family’s needs, and then design a self-management plan that makes sense, for you. Suc­cess is here!

Eat healthy. Eat happy. Learn How Eat­wiseRx Works!